WPdigital Launched Our Surf City Beach House Rental Agency Website

We wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to our new website, created by WPdigital, an award-winning web design and internet marketing firm in Raleigh, North Caroline. Our goal was to provide visitors with a great-looking, modern website that accurately represents our property rental agency. Just as important, we wanted to make sure it was easy to navigate and use no matter what device you’re on, so you could have the best possible experience while you’re here. We are thrilled with the result and hope you are too!

TheeRiviera Surf City

Our new website is built on WordPress, which lets us be more proactive in updating and maintaining our website as it’s so easy to use. Now, we will easily be able to post new photos, videos, and information to keep you up to date on the latest industry news as well what’s going on with us.

An Enjoyable Customer Experience

When we sat down with WPdigital to discuss what we wanted for our website, we had you in mind – we wanted you to enjoy being on our website. We were picturing a clean, crisp design with an intuitive navigation that allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for, without worrying about text that’s hard to see or pages that are slow to load. That’s why we’re thrilled to feature responsive web design technology, so you can easily find product information, check out images, and read our blog on any size screen or device, including smartphones and tablets.

Easy Updates for Accurate, Up-to-Date Info

While your experience was our top priority, we wanted a website that we could be involved in – TheeRiviera moves fast, and we wanted a website that any of us could update with current rental promotions and discount offers, and any changes we may be making. Instead of having to bring a developer in for every update, we can do it all ourselves, and we love being able to share new photos, videos,  product/service reviews, and so much more with you

Before our site was ready to launch, WPdigital provided comprehensive training so we could get the most out of our site. We love how simple it is to manage different operations in one place, so we can spend less time doing admin and operations tasks and more time helping you.

Search Engine Optimization

We wanted you to be able to find us easily, whether you came straight to our site or, more likely, were looking for “beach house rental properties in Surf City” on Google. The internet marketing team at WPdigital knows how to leverage search engine optimization strategies that make it easy for our current and future customers to find us on Google and other search engines. Because our website now offers fast load times and a mobile-friendly design in addition to strategic keyword usage, optimized images, and relevant content, we are much more visible in search engine results and are excited for the opportunity to work with more customers!.

Advanced Photo Options and Galleries

We know a picture is worth a thousand words, so now we have a stunning photo gallery to highlight our rental property for our future guests. From customer-submitted photos to behind-the-scenes shots, you’ll get to see beautiful photos throughout our website!

Along with that, there’s also a new team member gallery where you can meet the team, read our bios, and link to our social profiles so you can connect with everyone here at COMPANY.

An Onsite Blog to Share Information

Not only do we want to provide you with a visual tour, but we want to be a source of information for you regarding restaurants, stores and things to do in the Surf City area. With our own blog, we have a great platform to highlight TheeRiviera and the island, informative guides, and so much more, and we can update it regularly. Be sure to check it frequently to stay up-to-date or sign up for emails so you can get updates sent directly to you!

An Integrated Contact Form

The online contact form is a time-saving tool that makes it easy for you to request information, ask a question, and even give feedback without having to track down our customer service email or phone number. Because the forms are all going directly to one specific location, we can respond quickly to get you the information you need and we don’t have to worry about missing a voicemail or an email. Got a problem? Drop us a line! 

Promoting Featured Content

TheeRiviera wants you to know about the latest promotions, new products, and news, and that’s why we love our home page slideshow. You get the opportunity to know any important information the moment you land on our home page, so you won’t miss out on anything you may need (or didn’t know you needed). We are proud of our brand new website and hope you enjoy it, too.  After meeting with the WPdigital team, we felt confident they understood our goals to create an excellent visitor experience, make it easy to find us online, and simplify site updates. Be sure to browse around and explore some of the new features, read our blog, and check out our photos and blogs. If you are interested in finding out more about web design or internet marketing, visit our friends at WP.digital.