The Best Food Delivery Services to TheeRiviera, Our Surf City Beach House

Want to have a lazy day and enjoy every moment with your family? Or just had a few beers and don’t want to drive?

We listed some of the best food delivery services that can bring the restaurant to you.

The Best Food Delivery Services


Domino’s is one of our favorite food delivery services to our beach house rental property.

204 N. New River Drive, Suite B, Surf City, NC 28445

Topsail Takeout

Topsail Takeout is a local food delivery service when you want to eat something else beside pizza, sandwich, or pasta. Here’s how it works. Order at either or call at 910-507-4004 ext. 1. They place your order with the restaurant, pick up the order, and deliver it to your place. The driver who delivers the food will collect payments on a mobile device, getting your CC signature for credit card payments.


Grubhub is another great food delivery service for various meals and local restaurants. Enter our address, select your food, and get it delivered to our beach house It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Bring Me That

Bring Me That is also a great online food ordering tool that has various options for Surf City. Here’s how it works. Enter our beach house address online. Then choose from the restaurants that you like the most in your area. Place your order online and, voila, your food is delivered! It’s that easy.

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